An Inquiry in Parenthood Social Etiquette…


So one thing I’ve learned as a new mom is that babies are akin to little celebrities, which obviously means you the parent are the personal assistant in this scenario. Do personal assistants chime in when strangers are admiring and interacting with their celebrity companion? This has been my awkward conundrum. Because all too often in my experience people have exchanges with my baby without acknowledging me, and I don’t have a problem with this, I’m just not sure of the etiquette….

So now I usually just smile at them, then go on intermittently smiling at Roman as he smiles at them, as if this makes things less awkward… I can condone the interaction without having to participate… because, and maybe this is just me (and probably sounds awful), but I don’t really want to. I don’t want to have to talk to strangers all day long… and I’m pretty sure they don’t want to talk to me either, they just want to smile at my baby. (Because babies just have that effect on people, myself included, sometimes you just can’t help but watch them!)

If their is an exchange it goes something like this, “how old is he?” “what’s his name?” “oh he’s so cute,” “my child/grandchild is __ age, they’re just so much fun, they grow so fast”  the end.

This typically happens on the Metro. Roman used to pick out a stranger to stare at in his sleepy haze, now he smiles at everyone and seeks out new friends to giggle at. This morning was a particularly social ride for the little guy… he just keeps on getting friendlier! (Apparently he’s not getting this from me…)

I’m so curious about how other parents handle this? Or maybe I’m all alone in my social awkwardness…


I’m On Scary Mommy!

After joking around about all of the ridiculous things I catch myself doing as a new mother, I decided to put them into a list, and the ladies of Scary Mommy were kind enough to share it as a guest post! (With a new title and edited intro and last line… I don’t think I’d go so far as to say I don’t recognize myself… I’ve just surprised myself quite a bit!)

These are what I call my “motherly instincts”:

10 Surprising Ways Motherhood Changed Me

Thanks Scary Mommy!

I’m A Parent? Journal for Imperfect Parenting



On a recent walk around the neighborhood I attempted to browse one of my favorite local shops, Lou Lou, and this jovial “truth” journal by knock knock caught my eye. Upon opening the I’m A Parent? Journal I was prompted with a page that asked its writer to share the ways they were an imperfect parent that day. I thought to myself, I don’t need this, I have a blog! That’s what “mom blogging” is for! Really though, love the journal, such a perfect gift for that certain friend’s baby shower…. and for those among us who would still rather record their personal highs and lows in private.

Since I don’t feel the need to keep things to myself, here’s a list to answer this clever journals question:

Five Ways I Have Been An Imperfect Parent Recently:

My son pretty much never where’s pants in the apartment and his onesies are almost always unbuttoned

I let him tear up magazines and chew on paper and cardboard (like coffee cup cozies) until it reaches the point that it is soppy enough for him to actually eat… not to spare a moment of his entertainment

I let him play in the refrigerator and bang around his favorite hot sauce bottle so that I can have a few moments to make myself a sandwich

I barely ever make dinner before my husband comes home and our apartment seems to be in a constant state of needing to be cleaned

…and…. his nails get way too sharp before I remember to clip them

 I’m pretty sure he still loves me anyway <3

Roman’s First Easter

DSC06870DSC06846 DSC06852 DSC06863DSC06868 DSC06876DSC06881

Roman had a wonderful first Easter with our families in NJ! Brunch with Papa’s side and an early dinner with mine… he was able to visit with over 60 relatives in one day, and he did great (especially for the first half of the day when he had his 6 year old cousin to entertain him… it is truly amazing how happy he was to hang out with her!) He was gifted all sorts of fun new musical toys, and clothes and toys for the beach this summer… the little guy made out like a little Prince! Also, his outfit was a big hit (those pants made crawling a tad more challenging than usual, but he had no complaints about the bow tie!) Obviously we had to make him endure a mini photo shoot….

The weekend back home went by a little too fast, but with Roman handling the drive so much more happily these days, and beach weather on its way, I see much more frequent visiting in our near future!

A Roundup of Maps For the Littles… for Earth Day!


To celebrate, how about a roundup of world maps?!

As I mentioned in this post, I am pretty obsessed with maps for kids and nurseries….

Like this one from Children Inspired Design that I talked about previously.

I’ve come across a few more since then and decided it was time for a roundup of my favorites… someday when Roman has a real room of his own I’ll have to narrow it down, until then, here are my contenders:



1. Giant World Map (a little pricey, but could be a great DIY)

2. Learning Wall World Map (they have a few other fun options as well)

3. MAPS book

4  Our World map on a birch wood panel

5. Janod Magneti’stick World 

6. World Map Grand Canvas Tapestry from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child:

7. DIY mural inspiration

8. Pretty Map Wallpaper Mural

9.Our World Floor Puzzle (Puzzles are another of my obsessions…also they make great wall hangings… and with a little velcro could be “wall” puzzle instead of a “floor” puzzle, for an alternative to finished puzzle wall decor)


A Trip to the Salon (Mama’s New Getaway Scheme)


Every time I take Roman to the pediatrician she asks if I get out for baby free time to myself on a regular basis… the answer is no, and I’m okay with that. Once in a while when our parents are visiting my husband and I go out for dinner and drinks, but besides that we go out and about as a family. We’ve had many conversations about how we’re going to start trading off a couple hours of personal time away on the weekends, but it never usually happens…. until last weekend. My roots were a few inches long and I finally made an appointment to correct them before our anniversary and Easter. It was a friday, Mike’s “flex day” off, so I took Roman out shopping for his Easter outfit in the morning, to give Mike a couple of hours to himself to get some things done, and then I ran off to a salon down the street. Conclusion: we need to do this every weekend, and also, a few hours at a salon can be such a treat! I never realized this until, well, now.

I’ve never been much of a loyalist when it comes to salons or hair stylists. With my hair, it never seemed to matter too much what people did to it, its always just a curly blob. I used to go with my mom to the house of a friend of hers for highlights, that was the most consistent I’ve ever been. I realized the other day that what I always looked forward to about that was the delicious coffee she always brewed for us… that was my favorite part! This salon down the street, Axis, always offers you something good to drink, and keeps it refilled. There’s always lots of gossip happening to eavesdrop on, and lots of new magazines to browse. The best part: the sinks. (I appreciated all of this much more after an emergency trip to another nearby salon one snow day when I finally had a chance to get my hair done and no one was open. They offered nothing to drink and having my hair washed was literally painful, all for about the same price.) Axis has the most comfortable chair sink situation for hair washing I have ever come across, and a wonderful lady who massages your scalp and neck as she rinses. And yes they did a great job with my color, and were the type of stylists that just go ahead and recommend what they think is right for you, which I love. Really though, it’s all those little things… they just make getting your hair done a little get away…. and to think I’ve been missing out on this little luxury all these years (maybe someday I’ll become the kind of lady who gets her nails done on the regular as well… wouldn’t want to push it for now.)

So for the first time in my life I plan on having a consistent hair regimen… just for the sake of a few hours to myself every once in a while, to drink iced tea and read magazines.